Mathbio Network Info & Tips

The Math Dept. mail server now has SpamAssassin installed and is available to Math Dept. users.

To use SpamAssassin, you must set up a .forward and a .procmailrc file in your home directory.

Follow these instructions if you do not forward email (ie: you do not have a .forward file in your home directory):

First, please logon to one of the sirius servers and use the passwd command to reenter your Math Dept. passwd (see: Changing your password). You can enter the same password you currently use as the new password. Doing this will make sure that the mail server will be able to run the spam filter on your account.

Next, download this .procmailrc file and save it to your home directory (H: drive if you are using Windows).

Also download this .forward file and save it to your home directory as well.

The above files will filter all emails SpamAssassin believes to be spam into the file called caughtspam which will be created in your mail directory. You can then view the emails in this file using a mail client such as pine. (The caughtspam file will show up as a folder in pine which you can then open.) All other email will be sent to your Inbox as usual.

Important! Send yourself some test emails to ensure that you can still recieve emails.

To stop spam filtering, rename or delete the .forward file.

If you'd like to forward your email at a later date, use these instructions to set up forwarding with spam filtering.