Mathbio Network Info & Tips

Software for Windows
(updated Mar. 2, 2008)

Common Software

website - Firefox Web Browser
website - Thunderbird Email Client
website - SeaMonkey (use the "Composer" for making web pages)

website - Putty v0.60 (latest version)
website - Xming X Server for Windows (latest version)
website - WinSCP 4.06 (latest version)

website - WinZip 8
website - SSH Secure Shell Client 3.2.9

Latex for Windows

website - Ghostscript 8.61
website - Ghostview 4.9
website - MikTeX 2.7
website - WinEdt 5.5

Install the above 4 programs in the order listed. When installing MiKTeX, change the paper type option from A4 to Letter.
WinEdt is a shareware application and after 30days it will repeatedly ask you to purchase it. WinEdt can be purchased at AICT Product Sales.