To create a web page on the Math. Dept. web server so that it can be accessed by going to a url similar to, you first must create a public_html directory in your home directory. In windows systems connected to the Math CHAOS domain, you can just create a new folder in your H: drive and name it public_html. Or in unix, such as from moresby or sirius, you can use the following commands:

mkdir public_html

You should then create a web page using a web page creator (or do it manually) and save it as index.html in the public_html directory. This file will appear to the viewer without them having to type index.html after your url. For example, if a user viewed the www directory, the index.html page will be displayed to the user automatically.

File and Directory Permissions:

WWW files must be readable to everyone and WWW directories should be readable and executable to everyone. Your home directory must also be readable and executable to enable people to view your web pages. If you get a 'permission denied' page instead of your web page, and you are sure the url is correct, then you probably have incorrect permissions set.

To check the permissions on your files, ssh to sirius and use the ls -l command. WWW files should have "-rw-r--r--" (found on the left most column) and WWW directories should have "drwxr-xr-x". (Check out Understanding access permissions for more info on file/dir permissions) You can use the chmod command to alter these permissions. To quickly set the correct permissions for your WWW files/dirs, you can run the following three commands on sirius:

chmod 711 ~
find ~/public_html -type f -exec chmod -h go+r {} \;
find ~/public_html -type d -exec chmod -h go+rx {} \;

This will set just your home directory and WWW files/dirs to the required permissions.

To do this from Windows, you can use WinSCP to set the correct file permissions. Connect to with your username and password, and select the public_html directory in the right window pane (remote files). Press F9, and set the options as shown below:

Double check that the title bar says 'public_html Properties', and then click okay. Your file permissions will now be set correctly.