Mathbio Network Information and Tips

Available software on Mathbio systems

Some useful software for Windows (including Latex)


Printer List

Printing to the Mathbio printers (UNIX)

Changing your password

Forwarding email

Spam Filtering

To forward email with spam filtering enabled  

Setting up vacation message for email

How to set up a web page on the Math. Dept.

How to set up a web page on the UofA web server (GPU)

Basic tips on editing html in different browsers

PowerPoint Presentation from Mathbio web talk (useful web making tips)

Password protecting web pages/directories

Java Script to help protect email addresses from Spammers and Email Harvesters

Converting DOS text files to UNIX text files
(and vise versa):

A simple method of converting a DOS text file to a Unix text file, is to use the command dos2unix on one of the available Sun systems. The command syntax is "dos2unix originalfile convertedfile", where originalfile is the DOS file you wish converted, and convertedfile is what you want the converted file to be saved as. Converting a Unix text file to a DOS text file can be done using the command unix2dos, which has the same syntax as above.

Also check out the Math Dept's FAQ's and Tips

Modified June 30-09