Mathbio Network Info & Tips

If you would like to forward your Math Dept. email (ie: to a different email account, do the following:

Note - If you are using the SpamAssassin spam filter, then please follow these instructions to forward your Math Dept. email.

Open up a terminal (or open putty or tera term in Windows) and use SSH to connect to Sirius1. For example, under unix type:


After successfully logging in, type:

joe ~/.forward

Now type in the email address where you'd like your Math Dept. email to be sent to, for example:

This will forward any email sent to to the email address If you would like keep a copy of the email being forwarded, add the email address of the account being forwarded, separated by a comma. For example:,

This will keep a copy of the message in the Math Dept account and also forward it to the ualberta account.

To save the file and exit joe, press and hold down the CTRL key, and press the 'k' key. Release the CTRL key and press the 'x' key. That's it.