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Mathematical Biology was the focus of February 2004's Next Wave and Science Magazine online and featured Prof. Mark Lewis, Dr. Frithjof Lutscher, and colleague Prof. Thomas Hillen.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves but were afraid to ask

Statistical Model Selection

The joy of sweave



Peer Review

How to review a paper

Guidelines for referees

Checklists for refereeing a paper in
mathematical biology

Reasons Reviewers Reject and Accept Manuscripts: The Strengths and Weaknesses in Medical Education Reports

Publication rejection among ecologists

Proof correction marks

A systematic guide to reviewing a manuscript

Ins and outs of peer review for manuscripts and other projects

How to review a manuscript: A “down-to-earth” approach

Assassins and zealots: Variations in peer review

Responsible authorship and peer review

The Ethics of Writing

On being a scientist (responsible conduct in research)

Ethics and scientific publication

Grant Writing

Top 10 tips for successful grantsmanship

The money hunt. Grantsmanship: What makes
proposals work?

Grantsmanship hints

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