Mathematical Biology Summer Workshop

This ten-day workshop, held in early May each year, is designed to introduce approximately 20 undergraduates to the subject of mathematical biology and to give them the tools needed to continue research in mathematical biology.

It is the only workshop of its kind in Canada and attracts students from across Canada and America.  Many of the summer workshop alumni have continued in mathematical biology as graduate students.

Summer School: The Mathematics Behind Biological Invasions

This PIMS IGTC summer school will focus on invasion biology and the analysis of mathematical models used to understand biological invasions. Invasive species can change habitats and ecosystem processes, ultimately costing the global economy an estimated $1.4 trillion per year, so understanding them is of vital importance in today's world. In recognition of this, the workshop is part of the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 series of events.

Seminar/Visitor Program

Each year, top national and international researchers visit the Centre to collaborate on research and to present seminar/colloquium talks.  The Centre averages approximately 16 short-term visitors who stay for a maximum of one week and long-term visitors who stay for periods spanning one week to one year.

Student Choice Visitors
Dr. Eric Cytrynbaum, University of British Columbia, visited from February 28 to March 2, 2010. Dr. Cytrynbaum presented a talk at the Mathematical Biology Seminar Series. View poster.

Dr. Sally Otto, University of British Columbia, visited from September 27 to 28, 2010. Dr. Otto presented a talk at the Mathematical Biology Seminar Series. View poster.

Dr. Alan Hastings, University of California, Davis, visited from October 25 to November 1, 2010, as a University of Alberta Distinguished Visitor.
Dr. Hastings presented three talks as part of a Seminar Series involving the Centre for Mathematical Biology and the Departments of Renewable Resources and Biological Sciences. View poster.

Team-building Activities

Canoe Trips
In September 2008, 2010 and 2014, Centre students and faculty travelled the North Saskatchewan River from Devon to Edmonton. Most of us are novice canoers, but we soon learned the importance of teamwork to steer the canoe in the right direction. We began with much energy and appreciated the view of the finishing shore after six hours of paddling. A lot of fun--see for yourself.

Centre Retreat, October 31, 2010
Students, postdocs and faculty travelled to Rundle's Mission, Pigeon Lake, to spend the day conversing about research and, in particular, mathematical biology research. View pictures.