Visitors and Seminar Speakers 2009-10


The Centre held the PIMS Mathematical Biology Seminar Series each Monday of the Fall and Winter terms.  Names of speakers are listed below and include visitors from Alberta, across Canada, the US and Europe and South America.

Short-term Visitors

Stephanie Peacock, Student, Victoria
Olivier Gilg, Professor, Helsinki
Alexander Anderson, Professor, Moffit Cancer Centre & Research Institute
John Stockie, Professor, Simon Fraser
Eric Cytrynbaum, Professor, UBC
Marco Carlone, Professor, Toronto

Long-term Visitors:

Hermann Eberl, Professor, Guelph
Frank Hilker, Professor Bath, UK
Philip Maini, Professor, Oxford, UK
Shaun Strohm, Student, UBC
Flora Souza Bacelar, Student, Universitat Illes Balears, Spain
Meike Wittmann, Student, LMU, Munich
Mairon dos Santos, Student, U Sao Paulo, Brazil
Frithjof Lutscher, Professor, Ottawa
Juan Chimal, Visiting Professor, National Politechnique Institute of Mexico

Visiting Speakers from Universities other than the U of Alberta:

Shaun Strohm, UBC, Okanagan
Dispersal of Mountain Pine Beetle in Banff and Impacts of Management

Meike Wittmann, LMU Munich
Temperature-dependent Allee effects in astage-structured model for

Bythotrephes population dynamics

Hermann Eberl, U Guelph
From biofilms to bioclogging

Flora Souza Bacelar,
Universitat Illes Balears, Spain
Savanna-Fire Model: Combined effects of tree-tree establishment competition and spatially explicit fire on the spatial pattern of trees in Savannas

Juan Chimal,
Instituto Politecnico Nacional, México
On some properties of vascular networks in malignant tumors

Christina Cobbold, U Glasgow
Modelling with-in host trypansome infections: The interplay of ecology and genetics

Olivier Gilg
, U Helsinki
Lemming cycles and predator prey interaction in NE Greenland: from field trapping to parameterized models

Eric Cytrynbaum,
Force Generation in Bacterial  Cell Division

Frithjof Lutscher, U Ottawa
Joint AMI/CMB talk
Persistence and spread in heterogeneous landscapes

Alexander Anderson, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida
Microenvironmental Independence In Tumor Progression: An Integrated Approach

Romain Yvinec,  Institut Camille Jordan, Université Lyon 1
Stochastic Model of Prion's Disease: Nucleation-Polymerisation Model

Frederic Y.M. Wan,
U of California, Irvine
Joint AMI/CMB talk
Morphogen Gradient Formation and Tissue Patterning in Biological Development

Philip Maini, U of Oxford
Distinguished guest for the Mathematical Biology Summer Workshop

Seminar Speakers from the University of Alberta:

Alexei Potapov, Math & Stat Sciences
On coarse-grained description of complex dynamical systems

Maria Stepanova,
National Institute for Nanotechnology
Modelling Coarse-Grained Dynamics of Proteins: Prospects and Methodological Needs

Petro Babak
,  Math & Stat Sciences
Three AMI Seminars
Tutorial: Forest Fire Modelling I, II, and II; 

Jim Muirhead, Biological Sciences
Modelling human-mediated dispersal and establishment of aquatic invasive species

Deanne Langlois-Klassen
Is Change Possible?  Tuberculosis Incidence Among Immigrant Arrivals in Canada, 1986 to 2002

Hao Wang,
Math & Stat Sciences
Recovering the time-dependent transmission rate from epidemiological data

Fangliang He, Renewable Resources
Estimating extinction rates: Habitat loss, species-area curves and the "extinction-debt

Dana Cobzas
Tumor invasion margin on the Riemannian space of brain fibers

Jiafen Gong, Math & Stat Sciences
A New Tumor Control Probability Model Based On Cell Population Models

Michael Li, Math & Stat Sciences 
Transient and Robust Periodic Oscillations in Immune Response Dynamics

Vishaal Rajani
, Math & Stat Sciences
Detecting Heterogeneity in Biomolecular Diffusion

Jonathan Martin, Math & Stat Sciences
The influence of spotting in wildland fire spread

Michael Woodside, NRC and Dept. of Physics,
Force spectroscopy of structure formation in single nucleic acids