About Us

Personnel 2008-09


Faculty and Awards: 
There are four core faculty (Dawes, de Vries, Hillen and Lewis).  de Vries received the 2009 Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Education Prize and Lewis received the Lee Segel Prize for best research paper and the Canadian Applied and Industrial Math Society Research Prize (CAIMS).

New Faculty Positions: 
Dr. Adriana Dawes began a position as Max Wyman Assistant Professor in Mathematical Biology on July 1, 2008; and Hao Wang was hired as Assistant Professor beginning July 1, 2009.

Support Staff: 
Cecilia Hutchinson remains the Research and Administrative Coordinator for the Centre. Caspar Williams was the Centre’s part-time Computer Analyst from September 2008 to July, 2009.

Graduate Students, Funding and Awards:

  • Jaime Ashander: MSc student
    Evolution and ecology of sea lice and salmon
    (PIMS IGTC Fellowship; FGSR UofA Master's Recruitment Scholarship).
  • Marie Auger-Methe: PhD candidate
    State-space models and the analysis movement by Arctic mammals
    (NSERC-CGS-D, President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction (UofA), Science Graduate Scholarship-UA Faculty of Science)
  • Jane Cooper: MSc student
    The existence of cancer stem cells and their significance for tumor growth
  • Andria Dawson: PhD candidate (started maternity leave, May, 2009)
    Models for mixed wood forests
    (MITACS/NSERC Joint IPS Internship Award –Year 2, GSA Interdisciplinary Award).
  • Jiafen Gong: Continuing PhD candidate
    Optimization of radiation treatment
    (UA Provost Doctoral Entrance Award, PIMS IGTC in Math Biology Fellowship).
  • Justin Marleau: Continuing MSc student
    Successional dynamics of Mt. St Helens
    (Walter Johns Fellowship, NSERC PGSD, IGTC Scholarship).
  • Jonathan Martin: Completed MSc, accepted as a PhD candidate.
    Forest fire research
    (MITACS Industrial Internship, IGTC).
  • Hannah McKenzie:  Continuing PhD candidate.
    Instream flow needs and river dynamics
    (Alberta Ingenuity Fund Fellowship).
  • Peter Molnar:  PhD candidate. Completed Final Oral.
    Modelling polar bear dynamics.
    (IAM Grad Lecture Award)
  • Vishaal Rajani: MSc student
    Analysis of data from single particle tracking experiments.
    (CGSM, IGTC Fellowship).
  • Harshana Rajakaruna: Continuing PhD candidate
    Population viability models for invasive aquatic species.
  • Jeanette Wheeler: MSc student
    Temperature-dependent population dynamics of Parnassium smintheus in Rocky Mountain alpine meadows
    (Walter Johns, NSERC CGSM, AIF Scholarship)
  • Diana White: Completed MSc, accepted as a PhD Candidate.
    Dynamics of body composition
    (MITACS Internship and the Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award).
  • Rita Wong: MSc student
    Animal group formation as a result of different communication mechanisms.
    (UofA MSc Entrance)

Postdoctoral Researchers, Funding and Awards:

  • Petro Babak
    Forest fire modelling
    (MITACS/PIMS Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Yu Jin
    Development of mechanistic, process-oriented models for stream hydrology and biological interactions.  The goal is to understand instream flow needs for healthy ecosystems.
  • Jim Muirhead
    Models for predicting invasive aquatic species spread
    (NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship).
  • Carly Strasser
    Collaborative research to examine and identify existing invasions with the goal to predict and prevent new aquatic invasive species from harming Canada’s aquatic ecosystems

Research Associates:

  • Mario Pineda-Krch, Research Associate
    Collaborative research on geonomics MPB, in cooperation with government and academic researchers.  Duties include modeling and model analysis using computational and other methods.
    (Dept of Biological Sciences).

  • Alex Potapov, Research Associate
    Integrated systems for invasive species.

Undergraduate Students:

  • Andrew Hanson: BSc
  • Vishaal Rajani:   BSc; now a MSc student  (NSERC USRA)
  • William Davis:    BSc
  • Cole Zmurchok: BSc
  • Chris Finlay, BSc (NSERC USRA)