While the Undergraduate Workshop in Mathematical Biology did not receive funding for 2008-09, MITACS funding for the upcoming year is already in place to accommodate the Workshop being planned for May 2010. 

The International Graduate Training Centre (IGTC) in Mathematical Biology was very successful in fulfilling its mandate, as outlined below. 

Lewis is the Program Director of the IGTC; Gustavo Carrero (Athabasca U) and Maryna Yaskina (UAlberta) were Educational Coordinators in 2008-9. Details of the program can be found at www.pims.math.ca/scientific/igtc/mathematical-biology.

For the 2008-09 Academic Year, 19 applications were received, six students were accepted with fellowships and four of these were renewed for the 09-10 Academic Year. One student, Omer Dushek (UBC), completed the program in December, 2008, and another student, Ryan Lukeman (UBC), at the end of July, 2009. Three students were enrolled in the program without

Summer School on Forest Fire Modelling (June 14-19, 2009):
This workshop was organized by Hillen and supported by MITACS and GEOIDE National Centres of Excellence (NCE).

Mathematical Physiology:
Hillen, Dawes and de Vries hosted a regular seminar meeting at the Centre to discuss CMB students’ work in progress, to meet with visitors and to read important journal papers.

New Undergraduate Course in Mathematical Biology, MATH 371:  
Hillen taught this new course in Winter 2008 and Lewis taught it in Winter 2009.  The course introduces undergraduate students to methods and research projects in mathematical biology.

Lewis Research Group:
Lewis, with students and postdocs under his supervision, held a weekly lab meeting to discuss their research and to touch base on Centre activities. Visitors to the Centre were invited to participate in lab meetings held during the time of their visit.