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Visitor/Seminar Program 2007-08


The Centre held the PIMS Mathematical Biology Seminar Series each Monday of the Fall and Winter terms.  There are many benefits provided by these seminars. They provide a forum for students and postdocs working and studying in the mathematical and biological areas to meet senior visiting researchers and they offer an opportunity for the Centre’s postdocs and students to present their research interests to their peers.  The seminars are also a mutual point of contact with potential postdocs and students and they enable us to keep in touch with postdocs and students who trained with the Centre and who have moved on to positions at other institutions.

Of the 23 seminar speakers, seven were from the University of Alberta and 16 were external visitors, three of whom were potential postdocs and two of whom were past postdocs.


Seminar, Visiting Speakers:

Neil Frazer, Professor of Geophysics School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology University of Hawaii at Manoa
Wild fish, farmed fish and sea lice—a big-box model with spatial effects

James Powell
, Utah State University
Connecting tree-level phenology and landscape-level outbreak dynamics for mountain pine beetle: Where did all the green trees go?

Kevin Painter
, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
Modelling individual to collective cell movement

Pauline van den Driessche
, University of Victoria
Modeling relapse in infectious diseases

Craig Aumann
, Integrated Landscape Management Program, University of Alberta
Overview of a methodology for developing and assessing simulation models of complex systems

Mark Chaplain
, University of Dundee
Mathematical modelling of host-parasitoid systems: Spatio-temporal dynamics

Julien Arino
, University of Manitoba
An epidemic model with switching of incidence functions

Frances O'Rourke
, Queens University of Belfast
Mathematical Modelling of Cancer

Ottar Bjornstad
, Penn State University
Forest Insect outbreaks: synchronization and spatiotemporal dynamics in the gypsy moth

K.P. Hadeler
, University of Tüebingen and Arizona State U., AMI talk joint with Centre for Math Biology, The inverse problem for traveling fronts

Junling Ma
, University of Victoria

Ilya Fischhoff
, Princeton, EEB
Habitat use and movements of plains zebra in response to predation danger from lions

Frederic Hamelin
, University of Nice, France
Uncoupling Isaacs equations in two-player nonzero sum differential games. Conflict over parental care as an example.

Jim Muirhead
, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor
Prediction of dispersal and establishment of aquatic nonindigenous species across Ontario lakes: Linking vector-based and habitat-matching models.

Christina Cobbold
, University of Glasgow
The evolution of insect development and its impact on life cycle synchronization

Frithjof Lutscher
, University of Ottawa
Life in the flow: Persistence, invasions and competition in rivers


Seminar Speakers from the University of Alberta:

Thomas Hillen
, Professor
The modelling of cell movement in tissues inspires new mathematics

Frank Hilker
, Postdoctoral Fellow
Spatiotemporal patterns in models of biological invasion and epidemic spread

Petro Babak
, Postdoctoral Fellow,
Modeling of the structure and dynamics of communities at the boundaries between different habitats

Zhian Wang
, PhD Candidate
Pattern and Shock Formation for Chemotaxis Models

Marty Krkosek
, PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences
Epizootics of wild fish induced by farm fish

Ozden Yurtseven
, MSc Student
Effects of the Cell Cycle on the Tumor Control Probability (TCP) in Radiation Treatment and  Comparison of Treatment Protocols

Jungmin Lee
, Postdoctoral Fellow
Spatial patterns by prey-taxis equations: is prey-taxis a good strategy for a control agent?


Long-term Visitors

Kevin Painter
, Lecturer, Heriot-Watt, UK, Oct 11 – Nov14/06

Pauline van den Driessche
, Professor, Victoria, Canada, Nov 19-24/06

Julien Arino, Assistant Professor, Manitoba, Canada, Feb 11-14/07 and May  1-11/07

James Powell, Associate Professor, Utah, USA, Feb 5 - 28/07

Nils Kehrein, Student*, Onasbrueck, GDR, Feb 7 - Apr 8/07

Stephen Galsworthy, Student*, Oxford, UK, Mar 17-31/07

Nuno Oliveira, Student*, Lisbon, Portugal, May 1 - Jun 30/07

* Each of these students completed mathematical biology research to complement their studies at their home universities.  Nils Kehrein was hosted through the Canada Water Network, University of Calgary, and Stephen Galsworthy was self-funded.  Nuno Oliveira attended the two-week Summer Workshop and was partially funded by PIMS for his travel expenses.