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Personnel 2006-07



Individual Researchers:

Core faculty, students and postdocs in mathematical biology in Math/Stat Sciences.  The core faculty are currently:

  • Gerda de Vries 
  • Thomas Hillen
  • Mark Lewis

These faculty use the Centre, typically on a daily basis, and run the Centre activities. This list will be added to in the next year, with new hires in mathematical biology.

These faculty and their students and postdocs define the Centre and its activities.  They have access to Centre facilities, including computing resources, library, Centre space for postdocs and visitors.

Associated Faculty in mathematical biology in Math/Stat Sciences

  • Herb Freedman
  • Subhash Lele
  • Michael Li
  • Joseph So

These faculty use the Centre occasionally, and typically interact with core faculty (above) on some of the Centre activities and on research.  Centre resources are available to these faculty on a request basis.

Associated Faculty in mathematical biology across campus with some interactions at the Centre.  This list is flexible and changes with time.  Currently it includes:

  • Youssef Belhamadia (Campus Saint-Jean)
  • Mark Boyce (Biological Sciences)
  • Marco Carlone (Cross Cancer Institute)
  • Chris Cairo (Chemistry)
  • Andrew Derocher (Biological Sciences)
  • Russ Greiner (Computing Science)
  • Fangliang He (Renewable Resources)
  • Michael Hendzel (Cross Cancer Institute)
  • Kelvin Jones (Bioengineering)
  • Evelyn Merrill (Biological Sciences)
  • Steve Norris (Faculty of Education)
  • Bill Page (Biological Sciences)
  • Matthew Parliament (Cross Cancer Institute)
  • Jens Roland (Biological Sciences)

New Faculty Positions:
In this coming year there will be strong growth in the area of mathematical biology.  New positions include one tenure-track position in Mathematical Biology, one Max Wyman Assistant Professorship in Mathematical Biology, and one Faculty Service Officer in Quantitative Biology (joint between Math/Stat Sciences and Biological Sciences).

Support Staff:  
Full-time Administrative and Research Coordinator, Cecilia Hutchinson; part-time computer support staff, Mark Duller (approx 3 hours a week) and Caspar Williams (approx 7 hours a week, now replaced by Darren Griffiths.

Graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and research associates working with the core faculty (above) are listed below.  These are all working in the area of mathematical biology. Asterisks indicate new researchers, recruited to start in Sept 2007.

Graduate Students:

Andrew Beltaos: An introduction to discrete bursting,  MSc completed January 2007.
Andria Dawson: Models for mixed wood forests, continuing PhD student (Josephine Mitchell Scholarship, MITACS/NSERC postgraduate fellowship).
Raluca Eftimie: Models for swarm formation, continuing PhD student (Queen Elizabeth II fellowship).
Jiafen Gong: Optimization of radiation treatment, continuing PhD student (UA Provost Doctoral Entrance Award, PIMS IGTC in Mathematical Biology Fellowship).
Chris Jerde: Modelling invasive species, continuing PhD student (Bill Samuel Graduate Student Fellowship).
Martin Krkosek: Sea lice, salmon and aquaculture, continuing PhD student (NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Bill Shostak Wildlife Award).
*Justin Marleau: Successional dynamics of Mt. St Helens, new MSc student (Walter Johns Fellowship, NSERC PGS Scholarship).
Jonathan Martin: Forest fire research, continuing MSc student (MITACS Industrial Internship).
Hannah McKenzie: Linear features impact predator-prey encounters: Analysis with first passage time, MSc completed (Alberta Ingenuity Fund Fellowship).
Hannah McKenzie: Instream flow needs and river dynamics, new PhD student (Alberta Ingenuity Fund Fellowship).
Peter Molnar: Modelling polar bear dynamics, continuing PhD student.
*Harshana Rajankaruna: Population viability models for invasive aquatic species, new PhD student.
*Ting Wang: Cell Movement in tissue networks, new PhD student (Josephine Mitchell Entrance Scholarship, PIMS IGTC in Mathematical Biology Fellowship),
Zhian Wang: Mathematical models for chemotaxis, PhD completed 2007.
Diana White: Dynamics of body composition, continuing MSc student.
Ozden Yurtseven: Tumour control probability models in radiotherapy, MSc completed 2006.

*Asterisks indicate new students, starting Sept 2007