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Educational Projects & Initiatives 2006-07


A major cornerstone of the Centre Educational projects has been the yearly PIMS Undergraduate Workshop in Mathematical Biology.  In addition there is a new major educational initiative: the PIMS International Graduate Training Centre in Mathematical Biology.

PIMS 5th Annual Undergraduate Workshop in Mathematical Biology

From May 1-11, 2007, the Centre hosted 21 students, including four international and 17 Canadian students.  While PIMS provides funding for this event, administration takes place primarily at the Centre.  This year’s Workshop organizer was Mark Lewis.  The primary instructors were Thomas Hillen, Gerda de Vries and Mark Lewis, Alberta, and Julien Arino, Manitoba.  The special guest speaker this year was Jim Keener, Utah.

The success of the 2007 Summer Workshop was confirmed by the very positive comments the participants provided to our post-workshop questionnaire.  Fourteen of the 21 students responded.

Mathematical Physiology:
Hillen and de Vries host a regular seminar meeting at the Centre for Mathematical Biology. This is used to discuss the work in progress of our students, to question visitors, or to read important journal papers. It has become an important part of our graduate student education and it serves for teaching student research and collaboration skills.

Statistical Ecology:

Lewis and colleagues Mark Boyce (Biological Sciences), Subhash Lele (Mathematics) and Fangliang He (Renewable Resources) co-organize a bi-weekly Statistical Ecology Seminar.  Here, classical and modern approaches to understanding quantitative methods in ecological research are analyzed, and new developments are presented and scrutinized.  Attendees include faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from Math/Stat Sciences, Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources.

New Undergraduate Course in Mathematical Biology:
Hillen, de Vries and Lewis have developed a new undergraduate course in mathematical biology (Math 371).  This complements newly developed graduate courses in Mathematical Biology (Math 570) and Models in Ecology (Biol 570).

International Graduate Training Centre in Mathematical Biology:
This is a major new initiative backed by the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences that was the key new project under their NSERC renewal.  This initiative primarily involves Alberta and UBC, but also includes the other PIMS Universities.  One aspect of the program is new fellowships in mathematical biology (up to  20 at any given time).  Details of the program can be found at http://pims.math.ca/igtc/math_biology/index.html. Lewis is the Programme Director and Caroline Bampfylde (Centre postdoc) is the interim Educational Coordinator.