MATH 120 Homework

Assignments: Assignments are taken from the textbook for the course, "Contemporary Linear Algebra" by Howard Anton and Robert C. Busby.

There will be 5 assignments; one per week from  Week 2. Due dates and times-- Wednesdays, 7 pm. The assignment drop-off box is on the 3rd floor of CAB.

Marked assignments will be handed out in class on the following Monday, except the last one.

Each weekly assignment will be graded out of  40 points.All five assignments will be considered.
Solutions for homework of the week will be posted at 12:00 p.m.on Thursday of the week.

Note that these questions are even-numbered - the answer is not at the back of the book.
But in most cases the question before, or after, will be very similar. You will probably want to do this corresponding
odd-numbered problem and check your answer in the back of the book, just to make sure you've got the right technique.

H·W # Due Date
Assigned Problems
Wed. May 16 by 7:00 p.m.
Section 1.1: 2b, 4e,8a,10a,16b
Section 1.2: 2ab,4b,6b,12a,14(3pts),26a(3pts)
Section 1.3: 2a,4a,6ac,8ac,10,16(3pts, find vector equation only),36(3pts)
Section 2.1: 2acd,4a,10ab,14(3pts),18,22
Assignment 1
Note1 (see below)

Wed. May 23 by 7:00 p.m. Section 2.2: 4,6,12,16(3pts),24(2pts),30(2pts),34b,44(2pts)
Section 2.3: 10(2pts)
Section 3.1: 2(2pts),4(3pts),14,18abc,24(2pts),32a,34abcde
Section 3.2: 16abc,20b,28ab,32ab
Assignment 2
Wed. May 30 by 7:00 p.m. Section 3.3: 4ac,6(find for 4c),8ac,12ac(each 3pts),16(3pts),18(2pts),22a(2pts)bc
Section 3.4: 4a,6a,8(with6a),10(2pts),12ab,16(2pts), 18a,20c(2pts),22b(2pts),26(3pts),34abc
Assignment 3
Wed. June 6 by 7:00 p.m. Section 3.5: 2a(2pts)bcd(2pts),4(3pts),8(2pts),12(2pts)
Section 4.1: 4,10,14(2pts),18(2pts),20b,22(2pts),24ad
Section 4.2: 2b(2pts),4b,6c,8b,10,14(2pts),20a,36
Section 4.3: 2(2pts),8(3pts),12(1pts)
Assignment 4
Note 2(see below)
Wed. June 13 by 7:00 p.m. Section 4.3: 16,30
Section 4.4: 2b,4,6a,8b,16(2pts),18,20
Section 6.1: 4,8a,12bc,18,20ab,24abc
Section 6.2: 8abcd(0.5pts each),10ac,12,14,20a
Section 6.3: 2ac,4,8,10b,16,20(for 19(a))
Section 6.4: 4ab,6ab,8a,16
Assignment 5

Note1: the solution for 16b in Section 1.1 is wrong. The correct answer is t=0, since zero vector is parallel to every vector.
The solution for 36 in Section 1.3 is wrong. The correct one is  2x+4y+8z=-13.

Note 2: the solution for 36 in Section 4.2 is missing. The answer is; det(A^-1BA)=det(A^-1)det(B)det(A)=det(A^-1)det(A)det(B)=det(B)
since det(A^-1)=1/det(A). 

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