Jungmin Lee  


Dr Jungmin Lee
Centre for Mathematical Biology
University of Alberta
632 Central Academic Building
Alberta T6G 2G1


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Campus Office

CAB 551


 I currently hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Alberta,
under the guidance of Prof. Mark Lewis  and Prof. Thomas Hillen. I completed my Ph.D. in 2006 at the University of Alberta  in the
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. My thesis was supervised by Prof. Thomas Hillen  and
Prof. Mark Lewis. I also completed my M.Sc. under Prof. Joseph So in 2001 (awarded in 2002 spring) at the
University of Alberta. I complete my B.S. in 1997 at the Seoul National University in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.


Research Interest

My primary research interests are to understand biological phenomena by using mathematical methods.
Investigating how certain phenomena are occurred has attracted my attention. In particular, I have been
interested in understanding mechanisms of how one species respond to another species (in ecology),
deriving mathematical models, analyzing the models, and interpreting the results in biological words.
Currently  I have been working on understanding mountain pine beetle outbreaks in western Canada,
 from the perspective of competition with a secondary  bark beetle or with a different subgroup.
My M.Sc. thesis was on developing and analyzing models of cross influenza infection between pigs and humans
(with constant and with variable cross infection rates, as well as with and without time delays).


At the begining of the first class, I told my students, "why I am here is not to evaluate you guys,
but help you obtain required knowledge from this course". I think the above statement is my attitude in class to my students.