Recording lists:

Week 1 
Jan 10-16 
Jan13Mp3-Single Species
Jan13Movie-Single Species
Week 2 
Jan 17-23 
Jan20Mp3-More Bifurcation
Jan20Movie-More Bifurcation
Week 3  
Jan 24-30 
Jan25Mp3-Stochastic Birth Process
Jan27Mp3-Stochastic BirthDeath Process
Week 4 
Jan 31-Feb 6 
Feb01Mp3-Nonlinear Stochastic Birth Process
Feb01Movie-Nonlinear StochasticBirthProcess
Feb03Mp3-Discrete Population-single species
Feb03Movie-Discrete Population-single species
Week 5 
Feb 7-13 
Feb08Mp3-Discrete Population & Delay Model
Feb08Movie-Discrete Population & Delay Model
Feb10Mp3-Delay Model
Feb10Movie-Delay Model
Week 6 
Feb 14-20 
Feb15Mp3-Branching Process
Feb15Movie-Branching Process
Feb17Mp3-Interacting Dynamics
Feb17Movie-Interacting Dynamics
Week 7 
Feb 21-27 
Reading Week
Reading Week
Week 8 
Feb 28-Mar 6 
Mar01Java-Interacting Dynamics 2
Mar01Movie-Interacting Dynamics 2
Mar03Java-Chemostat Prey Predator
Mar03Movie-Chemostat Prey Predator
Week 9 
Mar 7-13 
Mar08Java-Structural Stability of LV
Mar08Movie-Structural statibility of LV
Mar10Java-Poincare Bendixon
Mar10Movie-Poincare Bendixon
Week 10 
Mar 14-20 
Mar15Java-Spatially Structure Model
Mar15Movie-Spatially Structure Model
Mar17Java-Critical domain size problem
Mar17Movie-Critical domain size problem
Week 11 
Mar 21-27 
Mar22Java-Spreading speed-travelling wave
Mar22Movie-Spreeding Speed-travelling wave
Mar24Java-Spreading speed-squirrel
Mar24Movie-Spreeding Speed-squirrel
Week 12 
Mar 28-Apr 3 
No Class
No Class
Week 13 
Apr 4-10 
April5Java-Lotka Integral Equation
April5movie-Lotka Integral Equation
April7Java-Difference and Leslie Matrix Model
April7movie-Difference and Leslie Matrix Model (by Jiafen)
Week 14 
Apr 11-15 
April12Java-Leslie Matrix Model
April12movie-Leslie Matrix Model
The end

Course Notes:

Topic 1: Single-Species 
Topic 11: Three Species Chemostat 
Topic 2: Breakpoints and Bifurcations 
Topic 12: Cycling Prey Predator Model 
Topic 3: More on Bifurcations 
Topic 13: Structure Stability 
Complementary Material:Probability Distribution 
Topic 14: Poincare Bendixon
Topic 4: Stochastic birth and death 
Topic 15: Spatially Structure Model    RandomWalk2Gaussian-AnotherView     RandomWalk2FokkerPlanck  
Topic 5: More on Stochastic birth-death 
Topic 16: Critical Domain Size proble-Logistic Growth    Critical Domain Size problem-General Growth
Topic 6: Nonlinear Stochastic birth-death 
Topic 17: Spreading Speed in Space  Spreading Speed for Fisher's Equation 
Topic 7: Discrete Population Single Species 
Topic 17(continue): Spreading Speed with Squirrel  Spreading Speed with Allee Effect 
Topic 8: Delay Models    Complex Eigenvalue
Topic 18: Age-Structure Model 
Topic 9: Branching Process 
Topic 18 (continue): Age-Structure Model 
Topic 10: Models for Interacting Dynamics