Instructor: Hao Wang


Office: CAB 539

Office Hours:

11:00AM - 12:30PM

Tuesday & Thursday

or by appointment

MATH 371 Q1

Mathematical Modeling in the Life Sciences

Winter Term, 2018

Classroom: CAB 281

Time: 9:30AM - 10:50AM

Tuesday & Thursday

Jan 8 - Apr 13, 2018

TEXTBOOK: A Course in Mathematical Biology, by G de Vries, T Hillen, M Lewis, J Mueller, B Schoenfisch. SIAM Publishing, Philadelphia, 2006.




COURSE DESCRIPTION: Model development, computation, and analysis for problems in the life sciences. Models include discrete-time models and differential equation models. Model evaluation and prediction. Applications are chosen from epidemiology, ecology, population biology, physiology, and medicine.


EXAMINATIONThe Midterm exam will be given in class on February 27, Tuesday.


HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: The assignment problems will be posted in class and on my MATH 371 website. Late assignments will not be marked and a grade of zero will be assigned.


GRADING: Assignments and class participation (30%), Midterm (30%), Final presentation (10%), Final project (30%).


An overall course mark of 60% or more guarantees a passing grade of at least D.



Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Discrete-Time Models

Chapter 3. Ordinary Differential Equations

Chapter 4. Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 5. Parameter Estimation




Please think of selecting a topic from Chapter 9 of textbook or any research topic relevant to my publications (see my website) for your final project!

Project Guidelines

Final report should be in a standard report format. Final report in presentation format (slides) is NOT acceptable.

3 students per group. Each group submits one report, but all group members need to present some parts in the final presentation.

Matlab sample programs:

Matlab Tutorial

Matlab Course



Assignment #1: Ex 1.4.1(a)(b)(c)(d), Ex 2.4.5, Ex 2.4.8, Ex 2.4.10(a)(b), Ex 2.4.15, Ex 2.4.16, Ex 2.4.18, Ex 2.4.19(a)(b), Ex 3.9.3, Ex 3.9.4, Ex 3.9.5 (a), Ex 3.9.6(a)(b)(c)

(Due date: February 15, Thursday)

Solution to Assignment #1

Assignment #2: Ex 3.9.12, Ex 3.9.7, Ex 3.9.8, Ex 3.9.9, Ex 3.9.10, Ex 3.9.11, Ex 3.9.16, Ex 3.9.17, Ex 4.5.1, Ex 4.5.2, Ex 4.5.5(a)(b)

(Due date: )