PIMS - AMI Seminar Series

The AMI maintains an active research seminar series, which typically runs on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in CAB 657. The talks cover a wide variety of research areas related to Applied Mathemtics, and are aimed at both faculty members and graduate students.

To suggest a speaker or for questions please contact the seminar coordinator at henry.vanroessel@ualberta.ca.

Refreshments are served one half hour prior to the talk in the faculty lounge.

PIMS - AMI Seminars
Fall 2007

Date Time & Location Speaker Local Host
Aug 28 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Dariusz Wrzosek
University of Warsaw
Two models of morphogen gradient formation
T. Hillen
Sept 10 3:30 pm
CAB 657
C.K. Lin
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Critical exponents of nonlinear partial differential equations
Yau-Shu Wong
Sept 11 3:30 pm
CAB 377
Valery A. Kholodnyi
Platts Analytics
Valuation and Hedging of Power-Sensitive Contingent Claims for Power with Spikes: the Non-Markovian Approach
A. Melnikov
Sept 18 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Liqun Qi
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fourth order Tensors and Their Applications
Yanping Lin
Sept 18 4:30 pm
CAB 657
Qianshun Chang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
A Robust Algorithm for Total Variation Deblurring and Denoising
R. Jia
Sept 20 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Li Song
Zhejiang University, China
Riesz multiwavelets bases and biorthogonal multiwavelets bases
R. Jia
Oct 16 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Mei-Yue Jiang
Peking University, China
Symplectic Transformation and Periodic Solutions of Planar Hamiltonian Systems
M. Li
(*) Nov 16 2:00 pm
Mec 2-3
Patrick Selvadurai
McGill University
Symplectic Transformation and Periodic Solutions of Planar Hamiltonian Systems
P. Schiavone
Nov 23 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Guido Kanschat
Texan A & M University
Divergence-free finite elements for incompressible flow problems
P. Minev
Nov 27 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Amir Massoud Farahmand
University of Alberta
Manifold Learning
S. Vardarajan
Nov 30 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Richard Karsten
Acadia University
Tidal Power from the Bay of Fundy
G. Swaters

PIMS - AMI Seminars
Winter 2008

Date Time & Location Speaker Local Host
Feb 6 3:00 pm
CAB 365
Francis Poulin
University of Waterloo
A consistent theory for linear shallow water waves
G. Swaters
(†) Feb 26 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Haibo Ruan
University of Alberta
Symmetric Hopf Bifurcation in n-Species Hutchinson Model
W. Krawcewicz
Mar 4 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Ben Nadler
University of Alberta
A Multi-scale Model of Fabric Material Under Impact
P. Minev
Apr 1 3:30 pm
CAB 657
E. A. Johnson
University of Calgary
Connecting wildfire to tree population dynamics
T. Hillen
(†) Apr 17 11:00 am
CAB 657
Qian Wang
University of Alberta
Evolution of Differential Forms in Dynamical Systems
J. Muldowney
Apr 25 3:00 pm
CAB 657
N. Sri Namachchivaya
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Data Assimilation in Multi-scale Random Dynamical Systems
H. van Roessel
(†) Apr 29 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Raluca Eftimie
University of Alberta
Modeling group formation and activity patterns in self-organizing communities of organisms
M. Lewis
G. de Vries
May 2 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Hongtao Yang
University of Nevada
Numerical Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives
W. Allegretto
May 23 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Philippe Laurençot
Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Critical mass in a generalized Smoluchowski-Poisson system
H. van Roessel
(†) May 28 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Claudia Calin
University of Alberta
Similarity solutions for coagulation equations with source terms: theoretical and numerical approaches
M. Shirvani
H. van Roessel
June 13 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Serpil Kocabiyik
Memorial University
Free surface flow with an oscillating cylinder based on a viscous incompressible two-fluid model
T.B. Moodie
G.E. Swaters

(*) Joint seminar with Mechanical Engineering
(†) Candidate for an AMI Graduate Lecture Award

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