PIMS - AMI Seminar Series

The AMI maintains an active research seminar series, which typically runs on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in CAB 657. The talks cover a wide variety of research areas related to Applied Mathemtics, and are aimed at both faculty members and graduate students.

To suggest a speaker or for questions please contact the seminar coordinator at henry.vanroessel@ualberta.ca.

Refreshments are served one half hour prior to the talk in the faculty lounge.

Talks from previous years: 2007/2008.

PIMS - AMI Seminars
Fall 2008

Date Time & Location Speaker Local Host
(*)Oct 7 3:30 pm
CEB 4-42
Thomas Peacock
Internal Wave Beam Propagation in Nonlinear Stratifications
B. Sutherland
Oct 9 2:30 pm
CAB 357
Martin Ehler
University of Marburg
The Construction of Nonseparable Wavelet Bi-Frames and Associated Approximation Schemes
B. Han
Oct 24 3:00 pm
CAB 373
Jie Shen
Purdue University
Modeling and simulation of multiphase incompressible flows using an energetic variational phase field model
Y. Lin
Dec 11 2:30 pm
CAB 373
Terry Rockafellar
University of Florida & University of Washington
Approaches to Risk in Optimization Under Uncertainty
Dec 11 3:30 pm
CAB 373
Stan Uryasev
University of Florida
Generalized Deviations are Counterparts to Risk Measures
A. Melnikov

PIMS - AMI Seminars
Winter 2009

Date Time & Location Speaker Local Host
Jan 20 3:30 pm
CAB 357
Ming Mei
Chaplain College & McGill University
Stability of Traveling Wavefronts for Time-Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Y. Wong
Feb 3 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Jichun Li
University of Nevada
Mathematical and numerical study of Maxwell's equations in metamaterials
Y. Wong
Mar 19 3:30 pm
CAB 657
Ed Allen
Texas Tech University
Derivation of Stochastic Differential Equations in Biology and Physics
Y. Lin
(†)Mar 20 2:00 pm
Mech 2-1
Pouayiotis Papadopoulos
UC Berkeley
An integrated model of transformation ... polycrystals
P. Minev
(×)Mar 23 3:00 pm
CAB 657
Peter Molnar
University of Alberta
Modelling Future Impacts of Climate Change and Harvest on the Reproductive Success of Female Polar Bears
M. Lewis

(*) Joint seminar with Institute for Geophysical Research
(×) Candidate for AMI Graduate Lecture Award
(†) Joint seminar with Mechanical Engineering

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