MATH 115 (V1) - Winter 2008 


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             Instructor: Hung Le Pham                   

                        Class: Tue & Thu 09:30-10:50 (CAB 239)

                   Office Hours: Tue & Thu 11:00-12:50 (or Just drop in or By appointment) 

Exam period Office Hours: Thu 13:00-15:00 (or Just drop in or By appointment)


                   Assignment grading will be based on 8 best assignments 


                                   Final exam location can be found here  

 (For our section: rows 20 and 22)

Here is the list of the formulae that will be provided in the exam.  
Note that these are NOT the only formulae that will be needed in the exam; 
all other (more simple) formulae you should remember after some practices.

I will hold one more office time on Friday, 25/4, from 2:00-3:30

Tips on study  

Assignment 11 has been marked
Please pick up assignment 11 (and others) from the envelopes in front of my office