Symposium on Research in Geosciences

October 5, 1999, University of Alberta

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A special one-day Symposium on Research in Geosciences, organised by the Institute for Geophysical Researrch, will be held Tuesday, October 5 from 8:45-17:00, at the University of Alberta in Henry Marshall Tory Building 3-36.

Oral presentations will be given on all aspects of Geosciences including experimental, numerical modelling and theoretical research on the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

The symposium is designed to facilitate and broaden communication among earth scienctists, physicists, mathematicians, and meteorologoists.

The symposium consists of four sessions including three 30 minute invited talks and contributed papers of 15 minutes each.

Invited Speakers:

Kerry Anderson, Forestry Canada
Willem Langenberg, Alberta Geological Survey
Bill Smyth, Oregon State University, Corvallis

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