P.I.M.S. Summer School in Fluid Dynamics

P.I.M.S. Summer School in Fluid Dynamics

August 7-20, 1999, Edmonton, Alberta

(Also see information about the 2nd Annual Fluid Dynamics Summer School: July 30-August 11, 2000

See the summer school poster

See information about the next PIMS Fluid Dynamics Summer School
and The Second Annual PIMS Fluid Dynamics Summer School held in August 2000


See the PICTURES taken during the BBQ.

A description and timetable of the lectures and the abstracts of lectures by invited speakers are now available.

A schedule for the summer school has been prepared.

The school will be fully attended by 12 invited participants.

All students and faculty of the University of Alberta are free to attend the summer school lectures, but they may not participate in the experimental or numerical labs due to space restrictions.


For inquiries, contact

Bruce R. Sutherland.


The University of Alberta offers an enriched learning environment in which the theoretical, experimental and computational aspects of fluid dynamics are synthesized.

Participants will attend a comprehensive series of lectures, and will be given hands-on experience performing and analyzing experiments in the Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, as well as running numerical simulations using research-level codes.

Topics will include fluid dynamics fundamentals, industrial and environmental flows, geophysical fluid dynamics, turbulence modelling and computational fluid dynamics. Subjects will be taught at a graduate level.

Application Procedure

Applicants should submit a 1 page statement of interest and 1 letter of reference to:

Site Director, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
Attn: U. of A. Summer School
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2G1

Scholarships paying for travel, accommodation and tuition expenses may be awarded based on the merits of the application.

A limited number of places are available.

Application deadline is April 15, 1999.

Important dates:

Monday, April 15
Deadline for applications

Saturday, August 7
Registration, check-in at Lister Hall (after 3pm)

Sunday, August 8
Orientation and ice breaker

Monday, August 9
Lectures and labs begin

Friday, August 20
Summer School ends, check-out before noon.

Invited Speakers:

G. Lawrence, University of British Columbia
P. Morrison, University of Texas at Austin
W. R. Peltier, University of Toronto

For further information, contact:

Bruce R. Sutherland, or
T. Bryant Moodie,


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