What is the PIMS YRC?

The PIMS Young Researchers Conference in Mathematics and Statistics (PIMS YRC) is an annual event that provides a unique forum for young mathematicians across Canada to present their research and to collaborate with their peers.

All young academics involved in research in the mathematical sciences are invited to give a scientific talk describing their work and to attend talks on a host of current research topics in mathematics and statistics. Participants will have the opportunity to build and strengthen lasting personal and professional relationships, to develop and improve their communication skills, and to gain valuable experience in the environment of a scientific conference.

Since its inception in 2004 by graduate students, the conference has become a well-recognised and popular event. In 2011, the PIMS YRC boasted 100 registered students when it was held at the University of British Columbia. The PIMS YRC will continue to gain momentum, respect and popularity among young researchers in mathematics and statistics.

Who's invited?

All graduate students, senior undergraduate students, and post-doctoral fellows studying mathematics and statistics at a Canadian or PIMS university are invited to participate in this conference. Students from PIMS universities will be strongly encouraged to attend and present at this conference.

There is no registration fee for the 10th PIMS YRC, and accommodations will be provided for out-of-town participants at no cost.

Talk about your work

All participants are encouraged to deliver a twenty-five minute presentation describing their research (or a general interest talk related to their research interests). Those interested in presenting will be required to submit an abstract outlining the content of their proposed talk. Since the body of conference participants will have a wide range of research interests and knowledge, all presentations should be aimed at an audience with a broad knowledge base in mathematics and statistics, but must be tailored to those without a depth of knowledge in any particular area of research.

Plenary speakers

The Plenary speakers at the 10th PIMS YRC will be

Workshops and Panel Discussion

At the 10th PIMS YRC, workshops will focus on developing presentation and communication skills. The workshops will include presentations that help students to identify and overcome challenges faced by presenters of scientific material, as well as interactive components to aid in building these skills.

In 2011, a panel discussion was first held at the PIMS YRC. These panel discussions have become invaluable resources for young researchers as they seek to advance their careers. To complement the panel discussion held in 2012 on employment in industry, the panel discussion at the 10th PIMS YRC will focus on finding employment in academia.


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