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Forest Fires and Spread in Heterogeneous Landscapes


A) Refereed Contributions

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Babak, P., Bourlioux, A., Hillen, T. 2008. The Effect of Wind on the Propagation of an Idealized Forest Fire. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics.

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Bose, C., Bryce, R., Dueck, G. 2009. Untangling the Prometheus Nightmare. Submitted to MODSIM09, Australia.

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3. Technical and Internal Reports

Albert-Green, A., Braun, W.J., Martell, D.L. 2008. A hidden Markov model of the fire weather index. Technical Report TR-08-10 of the University of Western Ontario.

Bose, C., Bryce, R., 2008. A unified approach to vertex management in PROMETHEUS -- how not to get burned twice. Preprint, 1-.

Babak, P., Hillen, T., Bourlioux, A., 2008. Stability of fire fronts. In Preparation.

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4. Industrial Reports