This "Resource Window" opens in front of the applet window. You can move this window aside, resize it, or iconize it when you want it out of the way. To close it, use the Close option from the File menu, not the Quit or Back commands.

The applet displays solutions of the differential equation

m d2y(t)/dt2 + c dy(t)/dt +k y(t) = 0.
This equation describes a damped harmonic oscillator with mass m, damping constant c, and spring constant k. You choose m, c, and k by using the sliders or by typing directly in the right-hand control panels. You also choose the initial values y(0) and y'(0).

The applet updates its display every 1/2 second. The applet should render properly using any Java-enabled browser, such as Netscape 3.0. Macintosh users with Netscape 3.0 may experience difficulties. Sometimes the applet fails to correctly re-display after you have scrolled through the page. If so, simply click Reload.

If you receive a message informing you that your browser "does not understand the applet tag," examine the Security Preferences Menu of your browser. There should be a checkbox which you can use to enable Java; absence of such a box probably indicates you are using an older web-browser and you must upgrade it to a newer version in order to run the applet.

Please take a moment to send me an e-mail reporting any difficulties you may have experienced with the applet. The applet sometimes misbehaves when run under certain versions of Netscape.

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