Simulator Help

This page is written as a help page for the simulator below.

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  1. You can use the numeric steppers in the top-right corner of the simulator to enter to change the characteristics of the drug that you wish to model.
  2. After you update any of the characteristics, the sequence below the numeric steppers will update, resulting in the mathematical formulation of the sequence as shown.
  3. This sequence is then graphed, with time (hours) on the x-axis and amount of drug in the body (mg) on the y-axis. Each of the bold ticks on the x-axis represent the taking of another dose, or more precisely, the increase of the variable by one.
  4. There are three lines drawn on the graph. The dotted line shows the steady state. The green line shows the effective level. The red line is the toxic level. The values of the effective level, the steady state as well as the toxic level are given in the legend.

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