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The goal of this website is to introduce the idea of mathematical modeling using a system of linear discrete-time equations. It intends to familiarize readers with the behaviour of a linear system, and introduce the reader to the idea of fixed points for systems and elementary Linear Stability Analysis.

To understand the content, a reader should possess knowledge of discrete-time equations in one-dimension, linear algebra, and of partial derivatives.

This module was written by Gerda de Vries and Cole Zmurchok for CRYSTAL-Alberta.

Content adapted from A Course in Mathematical Biology: Quantitative Modeling with Mathematical and Computational Tools, by G. de Vries et al, SIAM 2006, with permission and Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering, by Steven H. Strogatz, Perseus Books, 1994.

Interested readers can also explore Romeo & Juliet - A System of Differential Equations. The Differential Equation module is akin to this; however, it explores the problem in continuous instead of discrete time.