Talks and Posters

J. BaezTh 11:30TL 12New developments in canonical quantum gravity
M. BaņadosFr 14:20TL 12Exact solutions of 5d Chern-Simons supergravity
R.J. BondSa 11:30TL 12The Parameters of Cosmic Structure Formation Measured with Current CMB Data
I. BoothTh 17:10TL 12Quasilocal Hamiltonians and gravitational tidal heating
C. CadeauTh 17:50TL B2New five dimensional black holes
K. CannonFr 17:50TL B2Distributions of Lifetimes for Large-Scale Structures
G. ComerFr 16:30TL B2General relativistic superfluid neutron stars
S. DasTh 15:30TL 12Quantization of charged black holes
A. DeBenedictisTh 15:20TL 12Topologically non-trivial spacetimes supported by anisotropic star with arbitrary cosmological constant
M.H. DeghaniTh 18:10TL 12Stability Analysis of Kerr Black Hole and its Quasilocal thermodynamics
B. EdgarFr 14:00TL 12Tetrads and symmetries.
S. FairhurstTh 17:30TL 12Distorted black holes with charge
A. FrolovFr 17:50TL 12Kasner-adS spacetime and anisotropic brane-world cosmology
V. FrolovFr 14:40TL 12Black holes with polyhedral multi-string configurations
J. GegenbergFr 16:30TL 12Black holes on RS branes
L. GergelyTh 16:30TL B2Exact solutions of Einstein's equation from linearized solutions
A.M. GhezelbashTh 18:10TL B2Scalar Electrodynamics in the Randall-Sundrum Background
T. Harriott PosterA scalar field equation in a 2+1 static background
J. HoFr 17:10TL 12Proof of the generalized second law for dynamical two-dimensional black holes
V. HusainSa 10:30TL B2Dualities and Wilson loops
J.Y. KimFr 18:10TL B2Vibration modes of giant gravitons in dilatonic string background
S.P. KimTh 16:10TL 12Quantum field theory in nonstationary spacetimes
P. KobakFr 17:10TL B2Radiative falloff in stellar spacetimes
H. KoyamaPosterAsymptotic tails of massive scalar fields in black-hole spacetimes
B. KrishnanTh 16:50TL 12Mechanics of isolated horizon
K. LakeTh 17:30TL B2Current developments in GRTensorII
D. LeahyPosterThe nature of the gamma-ray source LSI+61 303
H.K. LeeFr 17:30TL B2Electric charge and magnetic flux on astrophysical black holes
C.H. LeePosterMagnetic flux through a rotating black hole
L. LehnerFr 14:40TL B2Modeling binary systems in numerical relativity
W.C. LimFr 18:10TL B2Perturbations of the Friedmann-Lemaître models: limitations and pitfalls
A. LindenTh 15:50TL B2Static spherically symmetric Einstein SU(2) spacetimes with cosmological constant
P. MajumdarFr 17:30TL 12Cosmological optical activity and Kalb Ramond fields
R. MannTh 15:30TL B2Lineal gravity and the N-body problem
K. MartelFr 15:40TL B2Radial fall of a point mass into a Schwarzschild black hole
S. MukohyamaFr 16:50TL 12Doubly gauge-invariant formalism of cosmological perturbation in the brane world
T. OliynykTh 16:10TL B2Static spherically symmetric Einstein-Yang-Mills equations
J. OppenheimTh 17:50TL 12Thermodynamics of gravitating systems
A. PeetTh 10:30TL 12Recent developments in string theory and applications to black holes
M. PfenningTh 15:50TL 12Quantum Inequalites for the electromagnetic field
E. PoissonFr 09:00TL 12Gravitational radiation reaction in strong fields
F. PretoriusFr 15:00TL B2Gravitational collapse in axisymmetry
V. RezaniaFr 16:50TL B2Magnetized neutron stars: A perturbation analysis
H. SaidaTh 16:50TL B2Scalar field on the swiss cheese universe
N. SakaiPosterGeneral relativistic electromagnetic field and particle acceleration in pulsar polar cap
K. SchleichTh 14:00TL 12Topological censorship
M. SnajdrFr 15:20TL B2Scattering and capture of a long cosmic string by a rotating black hole - the numerical aspects.
L. SriramkumarFr 15:00TL 12On fluctuations in the current and energy densities around cosmic strings
S. SuryaTh 16:30TL 12K-causality and degenerate spacetimes
P. SuttonFr 14:00TL B2Bounding the mass of the graviton using binary pulsars
S. TeukolskyFr 11:30TL 12Numerical simulations of black holes
K.S. ThorneSa 09:00TL 12Gravitational waves: A status report
V. TrimbleFr 10:30TL 12Looking into the potential wells: Observations of compact objects
M. van PuttenFr 14:20TL B2Gamma-ray bursts as LIGO/VIRGO sources of gravitational radiation
M. VisserFr 15:40TL B2Analog models of/for gravity
J. WheelerPosterExpanding on general relativity
J. WilliamsPosterA scalar field equation in a 2+1 static background
F. WinterbergPosterPlanck mass rotons as cold dark matter and quintessence
D. WittTh 17:10TL B2A new look at the cosmological principle
S.T. YauTh 09:00TL 12Existence of black holes