Contributed Talks

Thursday, May 24

Room TL 12 Room TL B2
Quantum Fields and Thermodynamics Mathematical Relativity
15:30 S Das: Quantization of charged black holes R Mann: Lineal gravity and the N-body problem
15:50M Pfenning: Quantum inequalites for the electromagnetic field A Linden: Static spherically symmetric Einstein SU(2) spacetimes with cosmological constant
16:10SP Kim: Quantum field theory in nonstationary spacetimes T Oliynyk: Static spherically symmetric Einstein-Yang-Mills equations
16:30S Surya: K-causality and degenerate spacetimes L Gergely: Exact solutions of Einstein's equation from linearized solutions
16:50B Krishnan: Mechanics of isolated horizon H Saida: Scalar field on the Swiss cheese universe
17:10I Booth: Quasilocal Hamiltonians and gravitational tidal heating D Witt: A new look at the cosmological principle
17:30S Fairhurst: Distorted black holes with charge K Lake: Current developments in GRTensorII
17:50J Oppenheim: Thermodynamics of gravitating systems C Cadeau: New five dimensional black holes
17:50MH Deghani: Stability analysis of the Kerr black hole and its quasilocal thermodynamics AM Ghezelbash: Scalar electrodynamics in the Randall-Sundrum background
Friday, May 25

Room TL 12 Room TL B2
Mathematical Relativity Astrophysics and Numerical Relativity
14:00B Edgar: Tetrads and symmetries P Sutton: Bounding the mass of the graviton using binary pulsars
14:20M Bañados: : Exact solutions of 5d Chern-Simons supergravity M van Putten: Gamma-ray bursts as LIGO/VIRGO sources of gravitational radiation
14:40V Frolov: Black holes with polyhedral multi-string configurations L Lehner: Modeling binary systems in numerical relativity
15:00L Sriramkumar: On fluctuations in the current and energy densities around cosmic strings F Pretorius: Gravitational collapse in axisymmetry
15:20A DeBenedictis: Topologically non-trivial spacetimes supported by anisotropic star with arbitrary cosmological constant
M Snajdr: Scattering and capture of a long cosmic string by a rotating black hole - the numerical aspects
15:40M Visser: Analog models of/for gravity
K Martel: Radial fall of a point mass into a Schwarzschild black hole
16:00coffee break
16:30J Gegenberg: Black holes on RS branes G Comer: General relativistic superfluid neutron stars
16:50S Mukohyama: Doubly gauge-invariant formalism of cosmological perturbation in the brane world V Rezania: Magnetized neutron stars: A perturbation analysis
17:10J Ho: Proof of the generalized second law for dynamical two-dimensional black holes P Kobak: Radiative falloff in stellar spacetimes
17:30P Majumdar: Cosmological Optical Activity and Kalb Ramond Fields HK Lee: Electric charge and magnetic flux on astrophysical black holes
17:50A Frolov: Kasner-adS spacetime and anisotropic brane-world cosmology K Cannon: Distributions of Lifetimes for Large-Scale Structures
18:10JY Kim: Vibration modes of giant gravitons in dilatonic string background WC Lim: Perturbations of the Friedmann-Lemaître models: limitations and pitfalls