Pyramid Mountain

Mathematical Modelling of Rain Forest Regeneration Dynamics: a Case Study in Sabah, Malaysia.


I defended my thesis in August 2004 and was given leave to supplicate by the University of Oxford in October 2004.

I have made the chapters of my thesis available online. If you are interested in downloading them, please email me and I'll send you the required password. All the chapters are contained within the zip file:

Front matter and contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Data collection and fieldwork methods
Chapter 3 The role of competition and temporal variability
Chapter 4 A structured population model
Chapter 5 A cellular automaton model
Chapter 6 Conclusions

Chapter 3 has been incorporated into the following paper:

Modelling rain forest diversity: The role of competition, Ecological Modelling 188 (2005) 253-278.

Chapter 4 is currently being reformatted into two papers which have been submitted (see publications page for details).

University of Alberta

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