MATH538: Techniques of Applied Mathematics

Location and Time

LEC R1: TR 1100-1220 Location CAB563


Worth 30% of final grade (unless Final Exam has better grade)

Where and when: 11:00-12:20 in class on Thurs. Feb 16


Worth 30% of final grade (or worth 60% if this is better than 30% midterm and 30% exam combined.)

Where and when: 9:00-noon on Wed. Apr 19 in CAB563


Worth 40% of final grade

4 assignments total, each worth equal weight.

Assignment 1: Due 6pm Friday, January 27   Solutions to Assignment 1
Assignment 2: Due 6pm Friday, February 10   Solutions to Assignment 2
Assignment 3: Due 3pm Tuesday, March 21   Solutions to Assignment 3
Assignment 4: Due 3pm Tuesday, April 11  


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Extra Help

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Overheads and Handouts

Here are some math tricks that often come in handy.

Course Outline

Continuation of asymptotic expansion of integrals, perturbation theory, asymptotic matching, perturbative eigenvalue problems, boundary layer theory, WKB theory.


For the most part, the course will follow the material in the recommended but not required textbook

Applied Mathematics, 2nd Ed.,
J. David Logan, J. Wiley and Sons Pub.

Other recommended resources


MATH 438, or consent of instructor

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