Diatom Image Archive (DIA)

© 2000 Sybille Wunsam & John C. Bowman

This archive contains images of diatoms from lake sediments in Alberta and Manitoba (Chauvin Lake, Nora Lake) and from streams in Québec, Canada.

  1. The first page gives an overview of the genera, with thumbnail images in the right frame.

  2. The thumbnails images are not to scale. A full-scale picture is loaded with a slide micrometer in the background by clicking on a thumbnail image. One interval of the scale is 10µm. The size of the original images is standardized, so that size differences between the full-size pictures are real.

  3. By clicking on a genus name in the left frame, a new window appears with the respective species listed with their thumbnails.

  4. In some cases clicking on a species name will lead to a new window with images that illustrate the variation of this species within one sample or between different samples.

  5. The appearance of the greyscale images in this database will depend on your display settings. Set your display for 16-bit depth (or higher) for high quality viewing (Microsoft Windows users can change this in "Control Settings"). If such a display mode is not available, you can view selected images by printing them on a high-resolution laser printer.

The photographs were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera, using the specialized remote control software that we have developed for photomicroscopy.

This database represents work in progress. If you find any mistakes or have questions please contact: wunsam@merlin.math.ualberta.ca


We thank Dr. P. Leavitt , M. Graham, J. Hovdebo and the Department of Biology of the University of Regina for providing diatom slides and a microscope. Thanks also to Dr. A. Cattaneo and Dr. N. Bourassa for sampling the Québec sites and to Bob Friesenhahn for his excellent WebMagick program, which was used to organize the images in this archive.

Copyright statement:

The images in this database were created by and remain the property of Sybille Wunsam and John C. Bowman. Copying of the images for personal non-commercial use is allowed, provided that the authors are cited. This copyright statement may not be removed from the database or any copy thereof.

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