Alireza Simchi,

I am teaching Stat 151 and Stat 252. You can find my notes on WEBCT. It should be pointed out that Lecture Notes, Assignments, Sample Tests, and Exercises are mostly chosen from the following books:

  • Agresti and Franklin, ``Statistics-The Art and Science of Learning From Data''

  • Huntsberger and Billingsley, ``Statistical Inference''

  • Johnson and Tsui, ``Statistical Reasoning and Methods''

  • Kleinbaum, Kupper, Muller, and Nizam, ``Applied Regression Analysis and other Multivariate Methods''

  • Lee and Wang, ``Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis''

  • Mendenhall, Wackerly, and Scheaffer, ``Mathematical Statistics With Applications''

  • Montgomery, Peck, Vining, ``Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis''

  • Montgomery, Runger, ``Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers''

  • Montgomery, Runger,and Hubele ``Engineering Statistics''

  • Moore, ``The Basic Practice of Statistics''

  • Moore and McCabe, ``Introduction to the Practice of Statistics''

  • Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim, and Wasserman, ``Applied Linear Regression Models''

  • Navidi, ``Statistics for Engineers and Scientists''

  • Ott and Longnecker, ``Statistical Methods and Data Analysis''

  • Ramsey, Schafer, ``The Statistical sleuth''

  • Sanders, Smidt, Adatia, and Larson, ``Statistics, A First Course''

  • Veaux, Velleman, ``Intro Stats''