In 2010 I started a PhD at UC Davis in the Population Biology Graduate Group. I'm working with Marissa Baskett.

Prior to arriving at UC Davis I was a PIMS IGTC fellow in mathematical biology affiliated with the Centre for Mathematical Biology in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta After earning a B.Sc. in physics from Stanford University Stanford University in 2004, I spent time as a consultant dealing with intellectual property in the San Francisco Bay area of Calfornia

Research Interests

Understanding the population ecology consequences of rapid evolution to changing enviornments, in particular connecting theory to data.

My Master's research focused on the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of sea lice and salmononids with Prof. Mark Lewis. See my research page.


My Ph.D. support includes a two-year traineeship with the REACH IGERT

My M.Sc. was supported largely by the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences International Graduate Training Centre in mathematical biology. I also received a (1 year) University of Alberta Master's Scholarship, which paid for tuition during my first term. My research project was also part of an ongoing project on sea lice funded in part by MITACS.