• 2005, June: Workshop: Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, Dead Sea, Israel;
◦ 2005, June: Conference: Contemporary Ramifications of Banach Space Theory, Hebrew University,
Jerusalem, Israel;
• 2005, June: Conference: Journee Analyse Fonctionnelle et Harmonique, Paris 6, Paris, France;
• 2005, May: Calgary Workshop on Discrete Geometry, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB,
◦ 2005, March: Workshop: Northwest Functional Analysis Symposium II, BIRS, Banff, AB,
• 2004, July: Conference: Gaussian Measure and Geometric Convexity, Snowbird Resort, Snowbird,
• 2004, July: Workshop: Convex Geometric Analysis, BIRS, Banff, AB, Canada;
◦ 2004, June: Conference: Mathematical Foundations of Learning Theory, Institut d’Estudis
Catalans, Barcelona, Spain;
• 2004, April: 997 AMS meeting, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA;
• 2004, February: Victoria International Conference, Victoria University,Wellington, New Zealand;
◦ 2003, April: Workshop: “Geometrie der Banachraume”, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitute,
Oberwolfach, Germany;
• 2003, April: Conference: Banach Spaces and Convex Geometric Analysis, Cristian Albrechts
University, Kiel, Germany;
• 2003, March: Workshop: Northwest Functional Analysis Symposium, BIRS, Banff, AB, Canada;
• 2002, October: 979 AMS meeting, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA;
• 2002, July–August: Thematic Programme on Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, PIMS at the
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada;
• 2002, June: Conference: Journ´ees d’Analyse, Universit´e de Marne-la-Vall´ee, France;
• 2002, May: Conference: Geometrical and Topological Aspects of Functional Analysis, Technion
and University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel;
• 2002, April: The second North/South Meeting, University of Alberta, AB, Edmonton, Canada;
• 2001, October: Conference: Trends in Banach Spaces and Operator Theory, The University of
Memphis, TN, USA;
◦ 2001, August: Workshop on Convex Geometric Analysis, Anogia, Crete, Greece (organized by
University of Crete, University of Aegean, and Institute of Applied and Computational Math);