2000, May: Annual Meeting of the Israeli Mathematical Union, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel;

2000, March: Workshop on Convex Geometric Analysis, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel;

2000, March: Workshop on Geometric Convex Analysis, Institute of Advanced Studies, Technion,
Haifa, Israel;

2000, January: Conference: Journ´ees Analyse et Probabilit´e, Universit´e de Marne-la-Vall´ee,
Noisy-le-Grand Cedex, France;

1999: July: Workshop on Geometric Functional Analysis, PIMS at the University of British
Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada;

1998, March: Meeting of the AMS, Univ. of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA;

1997, March: Annual Meeting of the Israeli Math. Union, Bar-Ilan Univ., Bar-Ilan, Israel;

1996, January – May: Convex Geometry and Geometric Functional Analysis Program, MSRI,
Berkeley, CA, USA;

1995, May: Joint meeting of American Mathematical Society and Israeli Mathematical Union,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.