We have the Final Exam on Friday, April 21, 9:00 -- 11:00.

It will be held at ETLE1, 017. Please bring your ID.

The final exam will be based on chapters 2, 3 (except 3.9 and the second part of 2.8 (triple integrals in spherical coordinates)) covered in the class.

Please note that one must know spherical coordinates in order to be able to parametrize surfaces.

It corresponds to chapters 16 and 17 (except 17.9 and the second part of 16.8) in the book.

Please note that I do not require to remember formulae for moments and center of mass, i.e. formulae of Section 16.5.

You will get several problems (about 6) similar to Quiz problems, drill problems, and problems considered in class.

Please note: 1 problem will be given on 16.9 (change of variables), 1 on 17.6 -- 17.7 (parametric surfaces and surface integrals), 1 on 17.8 (Stokes' Theorem). Please review very carefully double integration. You MUST be able to describe planar regions and to set up limits of double integral. One problem will involve double integral over triangular region.

New office hours: April 20, 12:30 -- 13:30 and 15:30 -- 16:30 or by appointment. You are welcome to ask any questions by e-mail as well.