As was announced earlier, H/A will be given via WebAssign. The dates and the details will be announced later.

Please note -- I read my regular e-mail only. Therefore, please don't send me e-mails via webassign -- use my regular e-mail.

The Class Key for our course is "ualberta 2436 5774"

At click on "I Have a Class Key" and enter "ualberta 2436 5774"

You will be asked to choose your own username and password, and enter your name, Ualberta email address, and student ID number.

Please note also that on-line homework is a component of this course and is provided by a third-party company. Please be aware that this company will be storing assessment information that may be associated with you.

Due dates for the H/A: January 27, February 7 and 26, March 12 and 26, April 9