The final exam will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 9:00 -- 12:00, at CAB 357.

It will be based on all material covered in the class, except of Section 8 of Chapter 4 (Approximate Integration) and of Chapter 5 (Applications of Integration). Please note that both sections of Chapter 7 (Power Series) are included. Thus the final exam will be based on all topics covered by quizzes and on Chapter 7.

Please, BRING YOUR ONECARD to the exam.

The organization of the exam will be as in quizzes -- the first part of it will be based on the theory (you will be asked to give definitions and to state theorems), in the second half you will be asked to solve problems.

New office hours: Monday, Apr. 19, 11:30 -- 11:55 and 13:30 -- 14:00 (or by appointment). As usual, you can ask questions by e-mail.