The final exam will be held on Friday, December 11, 9:00 -- 12:00, at BS M 149.

It will be based on all material covered in the class, except axioms of real numbers.

However, if you want to improve your mark for Quiz # 3 (which was based on the axioms) the additional problem will be given. Please note, if you touch this additional problem then your mark for the Quiz 3 will be substituted with new mark in ANY case (even if it is lower). Thus, please, touch this additional problem only if you really have a bad mark for Quiz 3 or if you are completely sure that you have a correct solution.

As I promised, one problem will be given on Induction Principle; at least one problem on the precise definition of the limit, and at least one problem on the understanding of the concept of absolute value (for example, like in Quiz # 4).

Please, BRING YOUR ONECARD to the exam.

The organization of the exam will be as in quizzes -- the first half of it will be based on the theory (you will be asked to give definitions and to state theorems), in the second half you will be asked to solve problems.

New office hours: Thursday, Dec. 10, 12:00 -- 14:00, or by appointment (I'll be on Monday and Tuesday as well).