Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Welcome to the TIPS page.

Tip #19.     (2003-Nov-6) Reduce the amount of spam arriving in your mailbox.

Tip #18.     (2002-Jun-22) Timbuktu through a ssh Tunnel for MacOSX (From Joseph So)

Tip #17.     (2002-Mar-27) How to get Mathematica working. (From Joseph So)

Tip #16.     (2002-Jan-22) Using a GUI for scp. (From Joseph So)

Tip #15.     (2002-Jan-17) WWW password protection. (From John Bowman)

Tip #14.     (2009-Dec-1) Using openssh together with "keychain". (From John Bowman)

Tip #13.     (2001-Nov-21) Latex style files for theses. (From Hongtao Yang)

Tip #12.     (2001-Nov-10) Converting DOS files to unix format using vi. (From Joseph So)

Tip #11.     (2001-Oct-30) PDF files and type1 fonts. (From John Bowman)

Tip #10.     (2001-Oct-16) Converting Macintosh files to unix format using vim.

Tip #9.     (2001-Oct-12) Towards understanding .cshrc and .login. (From Joseph So)

Tip #8.     (2001-Oct-10) Here is how to use amstex on sirius. (From Joseph So)

Tip #7.     (2001-Oct-10) Make the prompt on sirius informative. (From Joseph So)

Tip #6.     (2001-Oct-8) Add colour to your xterm.

Tip #5.     (2001-Oct-8) A brief list of commands for the "emacs" editor.

Tip #4.     (2001-Oct-8) A brief list of commands for the "vim" editor.

Tip #3.     (2001-Oct-5) Add colour to "vi" (updated Oct-8).

Tip #2.     (2001-Oct-4) Glossary of unix commands. (From John Bowman)

Tip #1.     (2001-Sep-23) A nice GUI to securely transfer files between a Macintosh and Sirius. (From Joseph So)