Using MindTerm (ssh/scp/sftp) on a Mac (OS 9.2.1 or below)

(September 23, 2001:

For those who needs to use ssh/scp on MacOS 9.2.1 (and below) to connect to sirius1 or other unix boxes, I have good news for you.

I have successfully installed MindTerm on my home Blue and White G3 Mac running MacOS 9.2.1. Besides getting mindterm ( and its documentation, you will also need the java packages from Apple, including JBindery (which I think it's in SDK). These can be found in . From that site, you need to get MRJ 2.2.5 and MRJ Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.2

Once you have that, just drop the file mindterm.jar to JBindery (java runtime) and change the class name to com.mindbright.application.MindTerm . You can create a standalone application by going to the left and highlight Applcation, give it a creator name (eg. joso) and save the setting. Then in order to start MindTerm, you just need to double click on the application you just created.

The scp/sftp interface is not too bad. It's not as flexible as Fetch but it's certainly an improvement from NiftyTelnetSSH. Click here to see a screen dump of the session. It's suppose to be able to do ftp to sftp bridge too (thus one can use Fetch securely). I didn't figure that one out yet. Somebody on the web claims that ftp to sftp is very slow.

MindTerm supports ssh protocol 2. So we can tighten security on sirius1 by allowing only ssh2 from now on, no more ssh1.

scp/sftp seems to transfer in binary so Mac text files will not looks right on a UNIX system. You will need one of the utilties to convert. For example, this perl script