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Question #6.     How do I use the 22 PC/Xterms in CAB430 as a cluster? Pointers to documentation and perhaps an example.c file would be appreciated.

Question #5.     The default on gutenberg has changed so that it now prints double-sided.   Is it possible to print single-sided?
response1 (Gerald Cliff) 2001-Oct-18
response2 (Barkley Vowk) 2001-Nov-5

Question #4.     Under what circumstances would I ever want my file permissions to read anything other than "rwx------"?
Detailed question.
response (Joseph So) 2001-Oct-2

Question #3.     Is it possible to send a group email to a certain subset of the department (e.g. to postdocs)?
response (Joseph So) 2001-Oct-1 (updated 2001-Nov-10)

Question #2.     How can I change my password on Sirius?
response (Barkley Vowk) 2001-Sept-28

Question #1.     What should I do to set up email capabilities on Sirius?
response (Barkley Vowk) 2001-Sept-28