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Filtering Theory and Applications 2002
Descrition and Objectives
Filtering theory is an active and current research field attracting many applied probabilists. In particular, there is increasing interest in applying filtering theory to real-world problems in areas such as mathematical finance, target detection and tracking, communication networks, pollution tracking, weather prediction, traffic management, search and rescue. We believe that the proposed meeting will help to advance scientific developement of filtering theory and its applications and offer benefits to industry. In particular, this meeting will encourage local research activity in this field and identify additional industrially-motivated filtering problems.
The meeting is planned to proceed the 2002 IMS Probability Symposium in Banff. The meeting will take place at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, from July 20 - 26, 2002 and will include 4 days in Edmonton and 1 day in Jasper, Alberta. The meeting was devised to work with the IMS meeting. We hope to attract as many people as possible to attend both meetings.

The goals of the meeting are :
a). Bring current problems and ideas of filtering theory and applications together and, thereby, benefit and help direct research.
b). Expose research in this area being done at PIms institutions.
c). Provide an opportunity for people who are in the earlier stages of their career, or are new to filtering, to learn from lectures given by the keynote speakers and obtain guidance from these experts.
d). Attract established individuals, to participate in group discussions and provide insight into problems of current interest.
e). Exchange ideas and encourage possible collaborations.
f). Further expose North American industries to the power and optimality of this field.
g). Discover further opportunities and applications of filtering theory relevant to industry, particularly in finance and communication networks.