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It sucks to be an ordinary person again
You are under arrest! It's illegal to reproduce copyrighted theorems.
Two cubes, three tori, two spheres and three cylinders...
I'll never be able to understand math.
Will do math problems for coffee
International Conference on Useless Math
Do not worry, there will be no disaster. The missing part is only 0.000001% of the whole track.
Are we allowed to use a formula sheet on this test?
I can't see how this stuff will be useful in the REAL LIFE!
But don't think about math when you kiss me!
Horror section
Making up four idiotic answers to each question may be harmful to our brains.
Made in China
It's not enough...I need more LOGS!
Yo, dude, just forget her. It won't work! She's excellent in math.
She is a...PATTERN FREAK. I think we should notify her parents.
Do you think she needs psychiatric help?
This is another ship of algebra smugglers intercepted this month.
I can't sleep...stop thinking about your math problems.
Applied geometry.
So, since when did you start seeing these strange math symbols?
Tax payers don't need math! For what? To distrust the government?
Do not worry. There will be no disaster. The missing part is only 0.000001% of the whole track.
Can't call it...intelligent life form!
baby crying
What's going on?
math equation
math equation
math angels
Graffiti artist! Go get 'm!
I know you almost handed in every assignment. You almost handed in one this almost handed in one last week...
big rock with math equations
math equation tattoo
we have to ask the experts if it's really true!
counting sheep
man talking in 'pi'
$+1000, $-1000
66896 upside down
$1000.00 ... $999.00
My name won't tell you anything.
ufo landing
So how much is vii plus xvi?
ladies laughing at math
Don't be afraid, science already proved this doesn't exist anymore.
and people say he can't count up to three.
He can't be smarter. He doesn't make more money than us.
counting sheep
mathematician carrying heavy books
We didn't get grant to proof that this doesn't exist.
maybe it's true, but...
shush....daddy is thinking
Will you stop it and learn your multiplication!
pi in the sky
angry mathematician
Do we need this even if we're not planning on going to college?
pi in the sky
angry mathematician
Write the largest number you can.
Sorry I'm late, I was working out Pi to 5,000 places.
Does this apply always, sometimes or...
But we just don't have the technology to carry it out.
mathematicians talking
square root of chicken = egg
We will now announce the winner of the lotto...
Based on the premise that 7x4=53

Cartoonists contributing to include: Sidney Harris, Zbigniew Jujka,Wieslaw Krawcewicz and Gabriela Novakova.