is a semi-annual periodical designated for high school students in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, with the purpose of promoting mathematics, establishing direct contact with teachers and students, increasing the involvement of high school students in mathematical activities, and promoting careers in mathematical sciences.

This journal has the following objectives:

Editor in chief:
Ivar Ekeland (University of British Columbia)
Tel: (604) 822-3922      E-mail:

Managing Editor:
David Leeming (University of Victoria)
Tel: (250) 472-4271     E-mail:

Editorial Board:
Len Berggren (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: (604) 291-3335      E-mail:

John Bowman (University of Alberta)
Tel: (780) 492-0532      E-mail:

John Campbell (Archbishop MacDonald Academic High School, Edmonton)
Tel: (780) 441-6000      E-mail:

Florin Diacu (University of Victoria)
Tel: (250) 721-6330     E-mail:

Sharon Friesen (Galileo Educational Network, Calgary)
Tel: (403) 220-8942     E-mail:

Dragos Hrimiuc (University of Alberta)
Tel: (780) 492-3532      E-mail:

Klaus Hoechsmann (University of British Columbia)
Tel: (604) 822-3782      E-mail:

Wieslaw Krawcewicz (University of Alberta)
Tel: (780) 492-0566     E-mail:

Michael Lamoureux (University of Calgary)
Tel: (403) 220-8214     E-mail:

Mark MacLean (University of British Columbia)
Tel: (604) 822-5552     E-mail:

Alexander Melnikov (University of Alberta)
Tel: (780) 492-0568      E-mail:

Volker Runde (University of Alberta)
Tel: (780) 492-3526      E-mail:

Wendy Swonnell (Lambrick Park Secondary School, Victoria)
Tel: (250) 477-0181      E-mail:

Editorial Coordinator:
Heather Jenkins (PIMS)
Tel: (604) 822-0402      E-mail:

Technical Assistant:
Mande Leung (University of British Columbia)

Artistic Designer of Cover Page:
Gabriela Novakova

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