More Than a Math Club

You're looking at the website of the University of Alberta Mathematical Sciences Society. With a name like that, we are not your typical math club. As the student group representing the honors math department, we are dedicated* to providing a mentally stimulating, yet stress-free environment for our members. Our robust* cross-platform* support* for our mathematically inclined affiliates* has been proven to seamlessly* integrate* scalable* cloud* solutions*, provide a ground-breaking* bleeding-edge* client-centric* paradigm* shift* and promote* incremental* organic* synergy* growth*. Fact*.

The Math Lounge

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the MSS is our members' entitlement to the Math Lounge.


The Questions/Exams Database is an ongoing project to gather and host a library of past homework assignments and exams to use as extra practice.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about the MSS, don't hesitate to contact us.