April 27 & 28, 2002
The University of Alberta
Central Academic Building

Saturday, April 27, 2002, CAB 235: (Co-Chairs: Tony and Ted)

13:00 Mark Lewis, Alberta, Realistic Models for Biological Invasion
13:50 Ben Aggarwala, Calgary, Limit Cycles in ODE Models for the Development of HIV/AIDS
14:20 Thomas Hillen, Alberta, Pattern Formation in Chemotaxis Models
14:50 Tony Ware, Calgary, Energy Option Pricing
15:20 Coffee Break - Hallway outside CAB 235
16:00 Tahir Choulli, Alberta, Portfolio Selection Problem: New Approach
16:30 Renete Scheidler, Calgary, How to Exchange a Secret -- Communication of Secret Cryptographic Keys
17:00 Alexander Litvak, Alberta, Asymptotic Behavior of Convex Bodies
17:30 Hadi Kharaghani, Lethbridge, A Graph Decomposition Property
18:00 Jedrzej Sniatycki, Calgary, Dynamical Systems with Symmetry
19:00 Cash Bar, The Faculty Club, ground floor Lounge
20:00 Faculty of Science Dinner, The Faculty Club, Main Dining Room, second floor
Note: If you arrive earlier than 12:45 pm, you may stay in the Lounge (CAB 649) on the 6th floor, before talks start.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

9:00 - 9:30   Continental breakfast, CAB 649, Lounge
9:30 - 9:40   Overview of round-table discussion topics (Jim, Jack, Ted), CAB 649, Lounge
9:40 - 12:00   Round Table Discussions (two parallel sessions)
Session I: Chair (Tony) CAB 649
  • Complementarity (research strengths common or unique to each department)
  • Alberta Ingenuity Fund Research Centers
  • Closer interaction among graduate students on different campuses.
Session II:
  • PIMS Intro. by Shirley, 10-15 minutes, followed by 20 minutes question period, CAB 457
  • Faculty interaction between provincial universities and colleges in research and curriculum development (three parallel group discussions)
    Group 1: Research collaboration, Jim, CAB 415, Lounge (1 hour)
    Group 2: Curriculum development, Jack, CAB 457 (1hour)
    Group 3: Interactions among provincial universities, colleges, and schools (e.g. training teachers to hold math fairs), Ted, Andy and Indy, CAB 415B, Conference room (1 hour)
  • Coffee break (11:00 - 11:20) CAB 449, PIMS Office
  • Group reports, 40 minutes, CAB 457
12:30      Steering Committee working lunch, The Library Restaurant & Bar (11113, 87 Av.), Host: Michael

List of Participants

University of Alberta

Yanping Lin
Michael Li
Mark Lewis
Thomas Hillen
T. Choulli
Alexander Lativak
John Bowman
James Muldowney
Jack. Macki
Tony Lau
Ivan Baggs
Gerda de Vries
Hans Kunzle
Terry Gannon
Ted Lewis
Joseph So
Bin Han
Shirley Mitchell
Sam Shen
Akba Rhemtulla
Yau Shu Wong
Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann
Peter Minev
Alexander Melnikov
George Peschke
Matthias Neufang
Lingling Ma
Ronghua Sun
Suani Pinho
Henryk Kolacz
Michael Kouritzin

University of Calgary

Betty Teare
Ted Bisztriczky
Paul Binding
Peter Lancaster
Ernest Enns
Gemai Chen
Joseph Ling
Marguerite Fenyvesi
Jedrzej Sniatycki
Alberto Nettel
Luz Palacios
John Collins
Renate Scheidler
Tony Ware
Deborah Braniff
Ben Aggarwala
Daniela Szatmari-Voicu
Larry Bates
Robert Woodrow
Michael Lamoureux
Carina Wang
Jim Stallard
Kok Wah Chang

University of Lethbridge

Hadi Kharaghani

Augustana University College

Bill Hackborn
Chenquan Li

Concordia University College

Bob Jerrard

Grand Prairie Community College

Dallas Sawtell

Grant MacEwan Community College

Tiina Hohn
David McLaughlin
Alex Nofech
Mark Solononovich,
John Zorbas
Nataliya Zadorozhna,

Mount Royal College

Indy Lagu


Lilian Beltaos

Red Dear College

Roberto Bencivenga
Manny Estabrooks

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