Born: March 8, 1943 in Prague, Czech Republic

Married: Jarmila Zizler, 2 children, Peter (1967) and Jarmila (1971)

Citizenship: Canadian and Czech

Education and scientific degrees: DrSc (Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Charles University Prague: 1997

Docent habilitation: Charles University, Prague: 1997

CSc (Candidate of Sciences=equivalent to PhD, Charles University, Prague: 1969)

RNDr (Rerum Naturarum doctor, Charles University, Prague: 1969)

MSc: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University Prague (Specialization Mathematical Analysis:) 1960-1965

Research Specialization:
Banach space theory and nonlinear analysis. In particular, renorming theory of Banach spaces, smoothness in Banach spaces, linear and nonlinear structure of Banach spaces, descriptive topology and nonseparable Banach spaces,geometric nonlinear analysis.

Employment and affiliation:
Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta 1997-

Faculty Lecturer, Department of Matematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta 2001-

Mathematical institute, Czech Academy of Sciences: leading research worker: 1998-2001

Department of Mathematica lAnalysis, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prague,Czech Republic-leading research worker: 1997-1998

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Economics, Prague (part time position): 1997-2000

Department of Mathematics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada:
Professor: 1988-1997;
Associate Professor: 1985-1988;
Research Associate: 1984-1985

Sonderforschungsbereich 72 (Bonn)-research worker: 1984

Department of Mathematical Analysis, Charles University, Prague Czech Republic
Research worker: 1980-1983;
Associate Professor: 1973-1980;
Assistant Professor: 1965-1973

Scientific stays
IREX (International scholarship), Seattle, U.S.A. (year 1969-1970)

Research grants
NSERC 7926 (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) : 2002-

Research Grant of Czech Republic: GA\v CR 201-98-1449: 2000-2001

Charles University research grant: GAUK 1/1998: 1998

Czech Academy of Sciences grant: AV 101 9003: 2000-2001

NSERC 7926 : 1986-1997

University of Alberta research grant: 1985

Some invited talks:
2000: International conference on Functional Analysis, Valencia, Spain

1998: International Conference on Banach Spaces, Kiel, Germany

1996: International Conference on Banach spaces, London, England;

1996: International Conference on Banach spaces, Oberwolfach, Germany;

1993: International Conference on Convexity, Waterloo, Canada;

1991: International Conference on Banach spaces, Jerusalem, Israel;

1986: International Conference on Banach spaces, Oberwolfach, Germany;

1985: International Conference on Banach spaces, Kent, Ohio, U.S.A.;

1983: International Seminar on Banach spaces, Warszaw, Poland;

1981: International Conference on Banach spaces, Oberwolfach, Germany;

1979: International Conference on Banach spaces, Kent, Ohio, U.S.A.; Frolik's Winter Schools on Abstract Analysis (Czech Republic) (each year 1972-1983);
Polish-German winter schools on analysis (each year 1973-1983);

Some Colloquia:
Columbia-Missouri (U.S.A.), Linz (Austria), Paris (France), Seattle (U.S.A), Thunder Bay (Canada) Warszaw (Poland), University of Murcia, Spain

Canadian and American Mathematical Society conferences

Supervision of young research personnel: PhD or CSc thesis supervisior for:
J. Reif (Charles University)
L. Vasak [Charles University)
D. McLaughlin (University of Alberta)
J. Vanderwerff (University of Alberta)
P. Hajek (University of Alberta)
Wee-Kee Tang (University of Alberta)

Master thesis supervisor: 15 theses at Charles University and the University of Alberta

Supervisor of Research associates:
P. Hajek, University of Alberta
V. Montesinos, University of Alberta
R. Deville, University of Alberta
D. Hare, University of Alberta
B. Godun, Charles University, Prague


Research papers: See enclosed (81 papers)

Functional Analysis and infinite dimensional geometry (with M. Fabian, P. Habala, P. H\'ajek, V. Montesinos and J. Pelant ) CMS Books in Mathematics 8 (Springer-Verlag) 2001.

Introduction to Banach spaces I, II (with P. Habala and P. Hajek), Lecture Notes Matfyzpress, Prague (1996)

Smoothness and renormings in Banach spaces (with R. Deville and G. Godefroy), Pitman Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics 64 (1993)

Topological linear spaces (with K. John), Lecture Notes, Charles University (1978)

Research cooperation
Equipe D'Analyse, Univerity Paris VI, France (Dr. G. Godefroy)
University of Bordeaux, France (Dr. R. Deville)
Czech Academy of Sciences (Dr. M. Fabian)
University of Valencia, Spain (Dr. V. Montesinos)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Dr. S. Troyanski)
Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Canada (Dr. J. Whitfield)

Organization of conferences and schools:
Member of organizing committee, Frolik's winter schools in Abstract analysis, Prague 1972-1983 and 1997-

Banff international conference on Banach spaces (Canada), 1988
Organizing committee of Paseky school on analysis, Prague 1993-

Editorial boards of Mathematical Journals:
Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (U.S.A. and Canada) 1989-1997

Commentationes Mathematicae Univeritatis Carolinae (Prague) 1996-
Czechoslovak Math. J. (2001-)

Refereeing for Mathematical Journals:
Israel Journal of Mathematics, Studia Mathematica, Transactions of the American Math. Soc, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., Math. Annalen, Arkiv for Math., Commentationes Math. Univ. Carolinae, J. Math. Anal. Applications, Canadian Math. J., Canadian Math. Bull. etc