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Text Box: 	Each year, ESSO and CMS sponsor a national and several regional math camps. The Alberta Math camp alternates between the U of A and U of C. This is the second time that it was held at the U of A. In addition to ESSO and CMS, the event is sponsored by the Faculty of Science, by PIMS, by the Edmonton Public School Board, and by the Mathematical Council of the Alberta Teachers Association. The camp organizers were Ted Lewis and Andy Liu.
	The camp is intended for student from grades 7 to grade 10. It opened on August 17 and closed on August 24. Twenty-four campers from Alberta and two campers from outside the province stayed in the Lister Hall Residence Complex for its duration. There were also three day students from Edmonton who attended.
	The morning program consisted of a three-hour workshop centered on a lecture. On Sunday, Prof. Andy Liu gave a lecture on Coding. On Monday, Prof. Hans Brungs gave a lecture on the History of Mathematics. On Tuesday, Prof. Edit Gombay gave a lecture on Probability. On Wednesday, Prof. Sudarshan Sehgal Text Box: gave a lecture on Number Theory. On Thursday, Prof. Dragos Hrimiuc gave a lecture on Diophantine Equations. On Friday, Prof. Volker Runde gave a lecture on the Banach-Tarski Paradox.
	The afternoon program was a mixture of academic and extracurricular activities. On Sunday, the students wrote a three-hour contest. On Monday, the camp visited the Odyssium, the former Edmonton Space Science Centre. On Tuesday, the students were divided into groups for a team contest. On Wednesday, the camp visited a cornfield maze just outside Edmonton. On Thursday, Prof. Andy Liu offered an exhibition of part of his puzzle collection. On Friday, the well-known magician, Jon Charles, gave a special performance at the camp.
	The evenings were largely spent in the residence for social activities. The students were supervised by Mr. Gilbert Lee and Mrs. Joyce Pon, the mother of one of the campers. On Wednesday, after the cornfield maze, the camp visited West Edmonton Mall. On Thursday, the students had an eat-Text Box: The ESSO/CMS Alberta Camp
T. Lewis
Text Box: Newly Weds
Congratulations to 

Benjamin Baird and Cheyanne  
Cristina Popescu and Calin Anton
Gustavo Carrero and Nury
Guofeng Zhang and Mingming Zhan

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New Faculty Members

P. Balka, Faculty Lecturer
X. Chen , Geometry
H. Oh,  Statistics
J. Xiong, Statistics 

Sessionals/Post Doctoral Fellows:

R. Anisca	T. Chen
F. Dai		C. Hao
K. Kim		T. Marinov	
P. Mohanty	A. Potapov	
L. Pachepsky	B. Rai	
H. Tandra	M. Wonham
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Text Box:      We are sad to say good bye to Christine Fischer.  After 27 years Christine has decided to make a career change.  Wed like to thank Christine for all of her hard work and dedication and wish her well as a new chapter in her life unfolds.

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